Bill Cosby Petrified someone will try to poison him

Avoided by his Hollywood companions and dissident buddies, an undeniably segregated and jumpy Bill Cosby lives in consistent dread of somebody slipping something into his sustenance or drink.

Amid pre-trial hearings and jury choice in Pittsburgh, in front of the June 5 begin of his rape trial in Philadelphia, the 79-year-old comic declined to remain in neighborhood inns on account of saw dangers. Rather he woke up at 2:30 each morning to fly his private fly to the courthouse from his rural Philly home.

“He and his better half are worried about the possibility that that on the off chance that he remained at a lodging, somebody will figure out how to harm him, place something in his sustenance,” a source who works intimately with the Cosby camp said.

“He’s visually impaired … so that makes him much more powerless against [being] harmed or to having somebody sneak into his room,” said a moment source near the family.

Cosby — who’s been blamed for rape by somewhere in the range of 60 ladies, a significant number of whom asserted he slipped them mickeys — even declined to drink from the courthouse wellsprings. Rather he toted water bottles, alongside suppers, from his home 480 kilometers away.

“He’s reasoning and his group is considering, if he’s put in a lodging room, somebody will discover which room he’s remaining in and they’ll put a bug or a gadget in the room,” the source said.

In the matter of who might listen in, the comic trusts “a lot of individuals … would have a rationale,” the family source said.

Cosby’s significant other, Camille, “truly stresses over him and she calls for the duration of the day to keep an eye on him,” the source included.

While he inclines toward his family’s reliability, Cosby feels relinquished by his companions in Hollywood, the social equality group and the media, sources said.

He feels Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Sinbad — comics he helped right off the bat in their vocations — have not aroused around him.

“Folks like Murphy, Lawrence and Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, folks that he prepared for … they won’t offer any support,” the family source accepts.

“He can’t pay individuals to come and bolster him,” the source proceeded. “He’s been informed that operators have educated their customers that their professions would be over in the event that they got included.

“We’re not requesting that anybody affirm. We are asking those whom he’s aided, possibly they can call or come sit in the court and see with their own eyes what’s going on … before turning

your back.”

Messages left for the humorists or their reps were not returned.

Cosby is accused of tranquilizing and striking previous Temple University competitor Andrea Constand, then 31, in his home in 2004. He confronts up to 10 years in jail if indicted. He denies the charges.

The star has been blamed by up to 60 ladies for medicating and sexually attacking them.

He is currently an outsider, even among prominent, emergency administration groups.

“Everybody says any connection is excessively lethal,” the family source said of two emergency firms that escaped in spite of seven-figure understandings. “Cash traded hands, then the reasons came.”

The main big name to show up on Cosby’s around 20-man witness rundown is Diahann Carroll, the 81-year-old Bronx on-screen character and Golden Globes victor who showed up on The

New Bill Cosby Show in the 1970s. Her reps did not return messages