Bonobo chucks concrete brick at family at Florida zoo

A bonobo tossed a segment of a solid square toward a family going by the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida, as indicated by zoo authorities.

Nobody was harmed, the zoo stated, and this is the first run through something like this has happened.

Diane Steen was going to the zoo with her family and a companion when the occurrence unfurled.

In a video taken by Steen’s companion, you can hear one of them shout, “Gracious, don’t you toss that block!”

Steen’s companion, who needs to stay mysterious, said she holed up behind a rail and attempted to shield her 2-year-old child from the bonobo.

JJ Vitale, an advertising administrator for the Jacksonville Zoo, revealed to ABC News that the bonobo, named Jumanji, may have uncovered the block from some place in the display or discovered it in the canal encompassing the fenced in area.

The show is completely open and a glass segment does not separate zoo visitors from the bonobo.

It is obscure as of now why Jumanji tossed the block at the spectators, however zoo authorities said bonobos’ curious nature might be a contributing component. Bonobos, which a piece of the gorilla family, are referred to in the creature world as beaus and not contenders.

“Bonobos are greatly friendly; they settle their disparities in an unexpected way, which gets a considerable measure of consideration in the zoo world,” Jacksonville Zoo official chief Tony Vecchio said. “They are close relatives of our own, they are exceedingly astute. With that comes a solid identity.”

Zoo authorities said bonobos are “sexual animals,” which makes them somewhat feisty now and again.

The Jacksonville Zoo will get things started in June on another show for the gorillas that will incorporate a hindrance amongst guests and the creatures.