‘Dirty Jobs’ TV host has a problem with Nordstrom’s $425 ‘muddy’ jeans

The fashion industry’s “war on work” has hit a nerve with TV have Mike Rowe of the Discovery Channel’s “Filthy Jobs.”

What inspired such a solid response from the alpha male? A $425 combine of men’s intensely bothered, straight-leg blue denim pants sold at Nordstrom, which as indicated by the retailer’s site, has “seen some persevering activity with a crackled, solidified on sloppy covering that shows you’re not hesitant to take care of business.”

Yet, not being hesitant to take care of business and really taking care of business are two tremendously extraordinary things. All things considered, Rowe is the genuine article, which is the reason he disagrees with the pants’ idea. On his show he performs troublesome, nauseating and out and out messy word related obligations close by the standard people who hold such employments. He’s really observed some dedicated activity.

Of the “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans,” Rowe writes in a 507-word Facebook post, “I offer additional evidence that our nation’s war on work keeps on seething in all sides of pleasant society. View the most recent ambush from Nordstrom’s … At long last – a couple of pants that appear as though they have been worn by somebody with a filthy occupation… made for individuals who don’t.”

Rowe has cruel words for the individuals who purchase the pants, composing the false mud is “something to encourage the dream of work. The deception of exertion. Or, on the other hand maybe, for the individuals who really get them, the dream of rational soundness.”

He proceeds with, the pants are “an ensemble for well off individuals who consider work to be unexpected –-not famous.”