Jackson Man contracts HIV after catching a ping pong ball in his mouth at a Thai Sex Show

US Heath authorities have confirmed that a 27-year-old Jackson man has contracted HIV after catching a blood contaminated ping-pong ball in his mouth at a Phuket sex show.

The man was on holiday with friends when they decided to see the show which is very popular with male tourists. During the show, the performer got the man to volunteer and stand back a few metres with his mouth open. She then launched a ping pong ball from her vagina directly into his mouth.

A few days later the young man came down with flu-like symptoms but he dismissed it assuming it was just a stomach bug from the local water supply. Upon returning to the US, the man’s symptoms continued to worsen to the point where he attended a Jackson hospital ER. The man was ultimately diagnosed with HIV via blood test during his stay in the hospital.

Dr. Mark Fisher from the Baptist Medical Centre said “The chances of contracting HIV like this are almost a billion to one. Cases, where people are infected via the mouth, are extremely rare. You would need to have open wounds or ulcers in your mouth and then have fluid containing the virus introduced.”

The victim’s name and details of where he attended the show in Thailand have not been released.

US Health director of communicable disease control Simon Armstrong says people who have recently done something similar in Thailand should seriously consider having a blood test.

The US Aids Council says travellers need to be aware of local conditions when they are having sex or involved in activities where body fluid may be present.