Outrage as Professor Stephen Hawking backs Trumps Stance on Immigration.

Jackson Miss – Professor Stephen Hawking has caused outrage during a Q&A time with Jackson University students.

Jackson University students have booed Professor Stephen Hawking and walked out in disgust after he backed President Donald Trump’s controversial stance on immigration.

Professor Hawking was invited to Jackson University to address the final year students. After his speech, the floor was opened to the students for a Q&A time with the professor. Everything was going fine until one student asked him what he thought of President Donald Trump and his policy on immigration.

Professor Hawking replied         (click below AUDIO LINK for excerpt recording  from actual speech)

I believe President Trump is doing a great job. Not every president is perfect, they all have their shortfalls. But I believe his stance on immigration, though tough, is in the countries best interest for our long-term security. Statistics prove that minorities will always have a negative effect on developed communities. And I have never been one to argue against statistics.

After his response, students booed Professor Hawking and started to throw rubbish at the revered professor. Security quickly intervened and whisked Professor Hawking of the stage.

Dean of Jackson University, David Smith, said ” While we respect Professor Hawking as a scientific genius, his stance on the proposed immigration bans does not line up with the beliefs of Jackson University.”

The Jackson Telegraph reached out to Professor Hawking but he declined to comment.