Mississippi woman says she was served ‘deep-fried penis’ at a fried chicken outlet

A 42-year old Jackson woman has taken to social media to claim that she was served a ‘deep-fried penis’ after she ordered food at a local fried chicken outlet.
As Jackson Telegraph has been unable to verify the authenticity of the woman’s claims, we have chosen to not publish the name of the restaurant claimed to be the source of the fried penis. However, we have interviewed the woman for her side of the story.

“I was feeling hungry after work so I stopped in at the hawker centre to grab dinner,” said the woman. “I ordered some fried chicken, but when I got down to my table to start eating I realised one piece looked suspiciously like a penis.”

The woman cautiously peeled the batter off the meat and claims that there was indeed what looked like a large penis underneath.
“Now I know what a penis looks like, and there there was a penis,” she said. “Also, at the base, there were two round pieces of meat that were definitely some balls.”
 After making the shocking discovery, the woman says she went back to the counter and demanded a full refund, plus compensation for her ordeal. However, the staff member reportedly denied her request. “He told me there was no way a penis would end up with the chicken, and definitely not a human one.”
Investigations are said to be ongoing into the claim, and the ‘deep-fried penis’ has been taken to a laboratory for further testing to determine the origin of it.
“As unlikely as it sounds, we have had a case some years ago where a poultry worker had a finger severed in a workplace accident, and that finger ended up going through the supply chain where it ended up at a restaurant,” said one of the team investigating the penis. “Luckily in that case the kitchen staff spotted it before it was placed into the deep fryer.”